Tip of Removing DRM from ePub on Mac

Published by in Tips on March 5th, 2013

No doubt, many ePub files are protected by DRM. Is there any way to remove the protection? Yes, here is the guide to show you how to do that.

First, we need the best ePub DRM remover. Here is my suggestion:

After installing the software, follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: To make the ePub DRM removal run normally, you need to install the Adobe Digital Editions.
  • http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/
  • Step 2: Add ePub eBook to Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Step 3: Run ePub DRM Removal. Click “Input…” to add the ePub file.
  • Step 4: Click “Output…” to select a folder to save the decrypted ePub file.
  • Step 5: After selecting the input file and output folder, click “Remove DRM” button to start.

The process only takes a few seconds. However, a few issues may appear after. Before using the software, make sure you have the right to remove DRM, or a window of “File decrypted failed” appears. If there is no problem, a window of “File decrypted failed” will appear.

After removing the restrictions, you can read the ePub file on any device you want as long as it supports ePub format.

Now try it if you think it’s helpful.

Convert PDF to Excel

Have met the problem of converting PDF to MS Excel? Here is the best solution for you. First, download the software we are gonna use here


What it can do for us?

  • Change PDF tables into well-formatted Excel spreadsheets.
  • Convert copying and printing restricted PDF tables directly to Excel with no need of password.
  • Convert user password protected PDF to Excel after unlocked it with the right password.
  • Works on batches of PDF files or selected PDF pages or page ranges in a breeze.

How to use it?

  • Step 1: Click “Add PDF Files” button on the top of the panel to upload your source PDF files for the conversion.
  • Step 2 (Optional): The app will convert the entire PDF files you import as default. For partial conversion, you should go to “Selected Pages” column behind each PDF item to select page(s) or page ranges from the file to convert. You can also set a path to save the output Excel spreadsheets at the lower section.
  • Step 3: Click “Convert”.

The process only takes a few seconds, after that, you can get the Excel files.

For Mac users, here is the PDF to Excel converter for Mac and user guide you may need.


More: How to convert ePub to PDF format.


How to Remove DRM Restrictions from PDF?

Published by in Tips on February 20th, 2013

Feel troublesome about the protection of PDF files? Here is the best solution for you to remove DRM from PDF.

First we need to download the PDF DRM removal. Among so many tools we can find from Internet, why choose this? It’s clean, easy to use and powerful. Now let’s see how to operate it.

Step 1: Install the Adobe Digital Editions
Step2. Run PDF DRM Removal, and then click “Browse…” to add the PDF file.
Step3. Click “View…” to select a folder to save the decrypted PDF file.
Step4. After selecting the input file and output folder, click “unDrm directory” button to start.

See, very easy right? Then we just need to wait for a couple seconds and the process will be finished. After removing the protection, you can read the PDF files on any device, such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, Sony Reader, Android and Nook etc.

Considering more and more people prefer to use portable devices and PDF is one of the most common eBook formats right now, I thing it’s necessary to know how to remove DRM protection to make the most of the PDF files. So, try the solution above if you need.

Best PDF to Word Converter Reviews

To turn PDF to DOCX (DOC is not supported), which software to choose? Here is iStonsoft PDF to Word converter reviews and you can try it if you need to.

Here is what it can do for you:

  • Effortlessly convert PDF documents to Microsoft Word document with high quality.
  • Completely conserve all contents of PDF, whether it contains the items of picture/text/hyperlinks/tables or clips of anything else.
  • No need additional software to support the process.
  • Cost-effective, efficient, clean and green.
  • Batch conversion mode and partial conversion mode are accessible.
  • Export designative pages smartly according to your needs.

How to use it?

  • Step1. Run the software. Click “Add File/Add Folder” to insert your PDF documents. You are allowed to load as many as PDF files as you like and it will convert them for you at a time.
  • Step2. There are 3 modes in the Page Range area: All, Current, Range. If you want to export specific pages of the PDF document, just enter the page number to the blank sheet. You can enter several separated pages by commas.
  • Step3: Hit “Start” button.

Sounds nice? Get the software here:

If you are a Mac user, you can find the software for Mac at the website up there.

Learn more: easy way to convert PDF to MS word for Mac

Best PDF Editor for Mac

Some of us need to deal with a bunch of PDF files in work or daily life. With the help of various tools, we almost can do anything we can to the files. Here I’ll introduce you a PDF editor for Mac and Vibosoft PDF to word converter

It can:

  • Modify/Delete/Add original Adobe PDF text.
  • Edit embedded text; move blocks of text.
  • Insert/Crop/Move images & graphics & watermarks.
  • Merge & Split PDF files into new PDF documents.
  • Export Encrypted PDF document to Ms Word format.
  • Sounds nice? It can help you a lot if you are a Mac user (Mac OS X 10.6 or later requires). Of course, if you are not sure if the tool can help, you can download the free trial version first to try how it performs.

How to use it? Well, the real important part of this software is the tool bar at the top of the interface. The tool bar can help you with all the work you need to do. And it’s easy to operate it, just imagine how easy it is to use Word.

Anyway, you can download it from here http://www.pdfeditor4mac.com/. For Windows users, here is the Windows version: http://www.pdfeditor4mac.com/pdf-editor.html.

Amazon Launches AutoRip to Compete with iTunes

Published by in news on January 22nd, 2013

To compete with Apple iTunes, Amazon launches AutoRip. It’s a service that provides you with free MP3 versions of the CDs that you have bought from the company. This moves from Amazon aims to promote the sale of digital music and encourage more people to use cloud service.

Apple iTunes store is absolutely the leader in the market, it has more than 50% market share, but Amazon digital music service which began from 2007 only has 15% or less. So Amazon now launches AutoRip and hopes can compete with Apple.

According to Steve Boom, Amazon’s VP of Worldwide Digital Music, the company now has deals in place with the three major labels — EMI (now a part of Universal), Sony and Warner — as well as hundreds of independent labels.

At launch, the service is available on more than 50,000 albums on every major record label, but Amazon insists that it will add more over time, fixing the AutoRip logo on both the album or single artwork, and alerting you below its “Add to Cart” buttons.

But now the service is only available in US, and Boom says the company will make this service globalization step by step. Amazon actually has done a lot of things to compete with Apple, but none of them works by now, so let’s just wait and see how this AutoRip performs.

PDF Tool Recommendation: iStonsoft PDF Merger

People nowadays prefer to read eBooks but not paper books, and among so many different eBook formats, PDF is the most common. I believe many of us read or edit or create a lot of PDF files everyday, so I think it may be helpful to have this tool-iStonsoft PDF Merger.

This software can help merge many PDF files into one, so that we can just need to deal with one file but not dispersive ones.

First, click here to download. Now let’s take a look at the details of iStonsoft PDF Merger.

  • Preserve all original layouts, text, hyperlinks, etc. in the output file.
  • Work independently. Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader are not required.
  • 100% Clean: No adware, No spyware and No viruse.
  • Delete or remove PDF files according to your own specific needs.
  • Supports import batch PDF documents by 3 different methods.
  • Append, arrange, rearrange, organize and manage PDF files as your need.
  • Preserve the quality of generated PDF documents by pertaining bookmarks, annotations and more.
  • Preview PDF files in the built-in viewer before converting as you like.

As you noticed, the free trail version is available, maybe you want to try before purchasing it. Click here to go to Mac version if you are using Mac but now Windows computer.

iStonsoft PDF Splitter for Mac Reviews

Mac users who need a tool to deal with PDF files like splitting them now has another choice, iStonsoft studio launched the PDF splitter for Mac. Now let’s see what this iStonsoft PDF splitter exactly can do for us. This software requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later.

  • Split by page(s): You can a large PDF file into smaller ones each with n pages.
  • Split by page ranges: Just enter the page numbers or page ranges and this software will extract all selected pages for you.
  • Split averagely to n PDF files: It can divide a single PDF file into multiple PDF documents averagely and the number of output files can be set.

When we have downloaded or received a PDF file that has many pages, it’s not convenient to use it, or sometimes, we need to edit one special page and save it as a single file, so it’s necessary to split the file.

You can try the free trail version first and see how it works. For windows users, you also can download the software for free below, but it can’t support Windows 8 for now, you can keep your attention on my blog and I will update the information of this software.

How to Convert Amazon Books to Nook?

Published by in Tips on January 5th, 2013

Different eReaders support different formats, which is not convenient for us to make the most of the resources, but we can change that with the help of eBook converter. If you have purchased or downloaded a bunch of books at Amazon store and want to read them on Nook, here is how to do that.

For most users, Calibre can be a very good choice, especially when it’s free and powerful. Calibre is not an online converter but desktop software, it’s available for both of Windows and Mac and very easy to operate, here is a simple guide if you think you need it.

Step 1:

Install Calibre, click Add books and select the file. If Calibre says your books are DRM protected. Go to step 2 to remove DRM. If not, skip Step 2, go to Step 3.

Step 2 (How to remove DRM protection):

  • Download the latest combined tools package, and unzip it.
  • Run Calibre, click Preferences>Plug-ins> “Add a new plugin” button.
  • Navigate to the tools folder unzipped.
  • Open the Calibre_Plugins folder and select one of the zip files in that folder, then click Add.
  • Click on the “Yes” button in the warning dialog that appears and configure the plugins. Which plugins need configuring, and the information you need to enter depends on what kind of ebooks you have.
  • Now click on the Apply button, and then close the preferences. Import Kindle books to Calibre, then DRM will be removed!

Step 3:

Click Convert E-books and select the output format.

Also read how to convert PDF to ePub for Mac.

Christmas Wallpapers Downloading

Published by in holidays on December 25th, 2012

No more words, just downloading these beautiful wallpapers if you like.







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